Florida's Advocate for Long Term Care Providers and the Elders They Serve.

The mission of the Florida Health Care Political Action Committee is to support FHCA members by providing contributions and education to legislators and political candidates who promote the value and needs of the long term care community in Florida. The FHC PAC is a critical part of the political arm of Florida Health Care Association. The FHC PAC acts on behalf of FHCA members by supporting political candidates who take the time to learn about long term care and promote policies that enhance the lives of residents and caregivers. The FHC PAC is also a way for FHCA members and its lobbying team to build relationships and educate current and future policy makers about long term care in Florida. We work to help make the voices of long term care providers heard, and we encourage members to become involved in the political process.

Your Voice Counts!

Policy makers need to hear from the long term care community. Our FHC PAC members play a vital role in establishing and maintaining relationships with elected officials who will vote to support important long term care issues. It is your voice that matters, your voice that changes opinions, and your voice that moves legislators to support our profession. In addition to your voice, your PAC contributions help elect the candidates that will listen to us and hopefully hear us! Legislators consider you their experts in the field, and we depend on you as part of our advocacy efforts to educate lawmakers on the issues you face every day.

Remember, the actions you take to involve yourself in politics will translate directly into the decisions our lawmakers make. Several ways to make your voice heard include:

  • Join the FHC PAC and help us build a united and powerful voice in Tallahassee;
  • Talking to your staff about public policy issues;
  • Volunteering to work on a candidate’s campaign;
  • Write letters, e-mail or make phone calls to legislators; or
  • Forming a personal relationship with your elected officials and inviting them to your center.

Watch Our FHC PAC Video to Learn More!

Visit our Advocacy page and learn more about FHCA’s legislative priorities.