Florida's Advocate for Long Term Care Providers and the Elders They Serve.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about FHC PAC. Should you need more information, please contact Rebecca Bush via e-mail bbush@fhca.org or by phone at (850) 224-3907.

What is a PAC?
A political action committee, or PAC, is a group or organization that donates funds to political candidates. Like labor union, trade association, and all other interest group PACs, FHC PAC operates according to Florida law. PAC members donate money to the PAC, which the PAC then uses to support a bipartisan selection of political candidates, most of whom are candidates for the Florida Legislature.

Why should I give to FHC PAC?
Giving to FHC PAC helps you to get more out of your own political contributions. The PAC essentially “pools” smaller, individual donations into more and a more sizable FHC PAC contribution that often garners more attention from the political candidate who receives the PAC donation.

Where does my money go when I give to FHC PAC?
Your contribution to FHC PAC is combined with other PAC member donations and then goes to political candidates who understand and support long term care. FHC PAC donates to Democrats and Republicans alike and to both senior and junior legislators from across Florida.

How does FHC PAC determine which candidates to support?
FHC PAC considers a variety of factors in determining which political candidates to support, including his or her leadership position, committee assignments, voting record, and relationship to the long term care community.

I really like Mr. Smith, who is running for the open Florida Senate seat. Will FHC PAC give money to his campaign?
We encourage all PAC members to contact FHC PAC to express your support for a particular candidate. FHC PAC evaluates each member’s request(s) for political contributions. While we cannot promise that your particular candidate will receive a contribution from the PAC, we welcome your input and recommendations.

I plan to donate $1,000 to FHC PAC this year, but I don’t want to write such a large check. Is there any way to break up my donation?
Yes. You can request that FHC PAC send you an invoice each quarter.

My invoice is incorrect and claims that I owe $1,436. How can I fix this error?
Should you find an error or simply want more information about your FHC PAC invoice, please contact FHCA at (850) 224-3907 and we would be pleased to correct the error, explain your invoice, and/or provide you with an updated invoice.

I am moving and/or changing my e-mail address. How can I update my records so that I remain active in FHC PAC?
Simply tell us that you are moving or changing your email. Contact FHCA at (850) 224-3907 to update your records in our database.

I have $1 million and want to do something about long term care. Is donating the entire $1 million to FHC PAC the best way for me to achieve my goal?
Absolutely! Florida law does not limit the amount that a PAC may accept. Our experienced political team will also work with you in possibly identifying specific candidates and other entities that support our goals and to whom you may want to contribute a part of your total.

I want to give money to support my Florida legislators. Can I take my donation with me when I visit my meet with my Representative in his/her district office next week?
No. Handing or mailing a political contribution to a legislative office is strictly prohibited since the law requires that official legislative business and campaign activities remain separate. If you would like help in arranging details for getting your contribution to your legislator, please contact the FHC PAC staff. Rebecca Bush would be happy to work with you to coordinate a check delivery meeting.

I am a member of the Reform Party; I also contribute $5,000 each year to FHC PAC. Can I request that FHC PAC direct my funds only to Reform Party candidates?
No. That kind of request is called ear-marking and it’s illegal. FHC PAC gives to political candidates from various parties, and cannot accommodate such a request.