Florida's Advocate for Long Term Care Providers and the Elders They Serve.

Meet the FHC PAC Leadership and Staff

FHC-PAC Board of Directors

  • Robin Bleier, Chair
  • Anita Faulmann, Vice Chair
  • Lori King, Secretary
  • Marco Carrasco, Treasurer
  • Scott Allen
  • Troy Churchill
  • Mark Keene
  • Julie Ann Kemman
  • Yale Metz
  • Keith Myers
  • Dion Sena
  • Alex Terentev
  • Jennifer Ziolkowski
  • John French
  • Lori Jowett
  • Jodi Pascal
  • Susan Ritchie

Ex Officio

  • John Simmons, FHCA President
  • J. Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director

The following staff at Florida Health Care Association are available to assist you with your FHC PAC questions.
Melody Arnold, Associate Director of Government Affairs
Teresa Hamlin, Government Affairs Support Administrator

FHC PAC Super Star Award Recipients

Congratulations to these outstanding FHCA members for their impressive support of the FHC PAC!

2011 – Elaine Boyer

2012 – Tom Kelly

2013 – Brian Bursa and Kirsten Ullman

2014 – Robin Bleier

2015 – Wes Edwards

2016 – Anita Faulmann